This is how you set
the perfect marketing goals

Inbound Marketing Academy with Paul Roetzer on 11 October in Antwerp


Learn how to save time by formulating marketing goals efficiently if you are a marketeer, entrepreneur or CMO. That way, you can move up a gear, experiment more effectively and continually fine-tune your tactics to achieve success. Less planning, more rolling up your sleeves! During his hands-on workshop, Paul Roetzer will take you through his six-step plan for learning to prioritize marketing goals and quickly discover opportunities that will have a positive impact on your results.

Who is it for?

Has your organisation implemented inbound marketing, but you have doubts about the impact? Or do you feel that as a marketeer, you are not fully exploiting the power of inbound marketing? Then, as a CEO, CMO, marketeer or agency, be sure to attend this workshop.

So who is it for?
  • Businesses and agencies
  • CEO, CMO, marketeer or strategist
  • For all those who are responsible for marketing plans, KPIs and reporting.


After this workshop, you will know better than anyone how to identify the priorities within your marketing goals and set up flexible, high-impact campaigns. The principle of this workshop is that you start the session with one SMART goal for your organisation, and you leave with at least three campaign ideas that you can launch within thirty days.

Practical details

  • 8u: Welcome
  • 8u30 - 10u30: Part One
  • 10u30 - 11u: Break
  • 11u - 12u: Part Two
  • 12u - 13u30: Lunch

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Dallas Antwerp
Sint-Paulusstraat 19
2000 Antwerp

Who is Paul Roetzer?

American Paul Roetzer is the founder and CEO ofPR 20/20, an agency that has been fully committed to the inbound marketing narrative since 2005. In 2007, PR 20/20 was the very first of what are now 1500 HubSpot agency partners.

Whether you are dealing with an analysis of your company's marketing plan, identifying the most suitable personas or maximising the impact of marketing automation: Paul Roetzer will send everyone who attends his workshops home with hands-on insights that can be put to use immediately.